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Fly Dispenser Mk2

New from FlySorter

FlySorter is proud to release the second version of its groundbreaking fly dispensing device, which is the key to automating a variety of Drosophila tasks. The Fly Dispenser Mk2 is available now for $3,950 and can release one (awake, non-anesthetized) fly at a time every few seconds, from a vial containing hundreds, without the use of CO2.

The Fly Dispenser Mk2 uses a patent-pending mechanism to safely and quickly isolate an individual fly and then gently puffs it through a tube. You can use the device to load experiments, to count populations, or as part of a larger, automated system.


The system provides both a manual and USB interface, so you can use the Fly Dispenser as a standalone device or as a module within a bigger system. In manual mode, press the button at the end of the tube and a fly is dispensed; in USB mode, text commands control the Dispenser.

Improved design, quieter operation

In this latest iteration, we have improved reliability and usability, and also made the device quieter during use.

What can you do with a Fly Dispenser?

  • Load flies into 96 well plates for molecular analysis
  • Easily load individual flies into TriKinetics DAM tubes
  • Introduce flies into behavioral arenas
  • Avoid the impacts of CO 2 anesthesia or the confounding effects of human breath
  • Dispense a single fly, on demand, for dissection or imaging
  • Tally flies after behavioral assays
  • Count flies to assess fecundity

How does it work?

The Fly Dispenser's patent-pending design uses positive and negative pressure air to hold a single fly against a precision shuttle, and clears other flies away as the shuttle moves to an isolated location. This mechanism is the result of countless hours of prototyping and experimentation; we've dispensed hundreds of thousands of flies!

Using an array of precision-milled, 3D printed, and laser-cut parts, each mechanism is assembled and tested in-house, and the machine is covered by our money-back guarantee. Maintenance is easy - use the included tools to disassemble the funnel and shuttle; clean with soap and water; then put everything back together. The built-in pressure sensor allows for repeatable periodic calibration and tuning (only required if using different species or in a custom system).

Requirements and specifications


The Fly Dispenser Mk2 is designed to operate in a lab setting, as it needs both electrical power and compressed air. Requirements:

  • 12V DC power (using included AC adapter)
  • Compressed air - 80-120 psi / < 1 scfm consumption


  • Dispenses D. melanogaster and similar-sized flies
  • Average dispense time < 5 seconds
  • Dispenser end: Luer-lock fitting for modular connection; 3 tips included
  • USB-B port appears as a serial (COM) port to all modern operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux, and embedded systems as well)
  • Size: 11" W x 10" D x 4" H (280 mm x 250 mm x 100 mm)
  • Weight: approx. 5 pounds (2.25 kg) without power supply
  • Uses Genesee Scientific wide vials; 5 polystyrene vials and 10 plugs included. (Also available from Genesee in K-resin and polypropylene.)