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Fly Photobooth

High Resolution fly images, automatically

The Fly Dispenser uses soft foam rollers and a puff of air to dispense awake (non-anesthetized) adult fruit flies, one at a time, once every few seconds. Avoid the potential side effects of CO2 and human chemistry by dispensing flies directly into your assay.

The dispenser can also be configured to count the number of flies in each vial.


  • Load flies into 96 well plates for molecular analysis
  • Easily load individual flies into TriKinetics Drosophila Activity Monitor tubes
  • Introduce flies into C-trax behavioral arenas
  • Load flies into food vials for repeatable culturing conditions
  • Dispense a single fly, on demand, for dissection or imaging
  • Tally flies after behavioral assays
  • Count flies to assess fecundity


Flies dispensed: Drosophila melanogaster, and other similarly sized flies.
Average time to dispense: Approximately 2-10 seconds, averaging 5 seconds per fly.
Dispenser end: Luer-lock fitting, 3 tips included.
Vials: Genesee Scientific wide vials. 5 polystyrene vials and 10 plugs included. Also available from Genesee in K-resin and polypropylene.
Device size: 10" W x 6" D x 7" H (250 mm W x 150 mm D x 180 mm H)
Approximately 5 lbs (2.25 kg) shipping weight
Connections: 12 V DC power (using supplied AC adapter), USB (cable not included), digital I/O with custom firmware
Customization: It is possible to customize the dispenser using the Arduino environment (prior electronics/programming experience recommended).


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