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Fly Photobooth

High Resolution fly imaging, CLASSIFication & SORTing, automatically


The Fly Photobooth captures high resolution images of every fly in a vial, without CO2, and uses advanced machine learning to sort by sex, eye color, fluorescent markers, and more.


Flies are loaded from the Fly Dispenser Mk2, manually, or from our MAPLE-PRO fly-handling robot and sent into a small imaging chamber within the Photobooth. Two cameras - one above the chamber and one below - capture dorsal- and ventral views of each fly. High power LEDs flash in sync with the camera shutters, and rotating filters allow for rapid imaging in several illumination channels. Flies can be sorted into one of three output vials, or sent on to another module.

The base price for the Fly Photobooth is $19,500. It can be customized with higher resolution cameras, different illumination or filters for other fluorescent markers, and more (request a quote below).

The Fly Photobooth uses fluorescent imaging technology from:

BASE UNIT Specifications:

  • Throughput: 5-15 seconds per fly, avg. 10 seconds

  • Image size: 1.3 MP (can be increased if desired)

  • Requires Fly Dispenser Mk2 or MAPLE-PRO for automatic loading. Standalone operation features manual loading only.

  • Overall dimensions: 14” W x 12” D x 18” H

  • Illumination channels:

    • white light for full-color images

    • blue light for GFP

    • green light for dsRed

  • Sorting accuracy varies by classifier:

    • Sex (in w/t background): 99.8% sorting all flies

    • Eye color (in w/t background): 100% accurate


  • Sorting by:

    • Sex

    • Eye color

    • Fluorescent markers (GFP & RFP filters installed by default; others available)

    • Other phenotypes by custom plug-in

  • Morphometric analysis

    • Body shape / size / coloration

    • Wing venation

    • Head size

    • Intra-ocular distance

  • Assessing transgenic stocks

  • Quantitative and population genetics

Because of its extensive configuration options, the Fly Photobooth is not available for purchase online. Please submit a request for quotation and we’ll get back to you ASAP:

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