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The FlyPlate System

CULTURE, Store & RETRIEVE flies in 96 well plates

FlySorter has developed new way to use 96 well plates with Drosophila.

The FlyPlate System includes specially-designed 96 well plates, with stainless steel mesh permanently bonded to form the bottom of the wells.

The cross-hatched lids allow an aspirator to enter each well to retrieve or deposit a fly, and conveniently pops back into place when the aspirator is removed, keeping the flies secure.

The FlyPlate System is versatile, and opens new avenues to researchers who need to keep track of individual organisms over a period of time, whether that's minutes, hours or days.

The FlyPlate Starter Kit comes with 5 plates, lids, trays, and covers, as well as an alignment collar, for transferring flies between plates.


The FlyPlate System is a great way to store and keep track of individual flies in a small space. Use it to:

  • Keep flies isolated for days at a time

  • Stage flies for experimentation

  • Regularize the social experience of flies

  • Maintain "individual identity" for longitudinal experiments

  • Separate males and females, keeping flies from mating

  • Expose individual flies to stimuli and observe the results

  • Provide each fly with a standardized quantity of food

  • Track individual flies and measure behavioral phenotypes (see: MARGO)

  • Incorporate fly storage into your automated fly system

FlyPlate Tips & Tricks

These short videos highlight some different ways you can use the FlyPlate individual fly storage system.

In addition to the mesh-bottom plates from FlySorter, our lids can fit on to other 96 well plates. Greiner Bio-One makes flat, 'U', and 'V' bottom plates in a variety of colors and materials. Look for plates labeled "chimney well" in their online store, or send us an email if you need any assistance or guidance.

The FlyPlate lids were developed in collaboration with the de Bivort Lab at Harvard University. Design files are available for you to make your own.

Greiner Bio-One is the exclusive supplier of 96 well plates for the FlyPlate System.