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MAPLE-PRO Fly Handling Robot



Just as liquid handling robots have revolutionized molecular biology, we believe automation is the key to learning even more from fruit flies, and we've designed a system to make it happen: MAPLE-PRO. This platform can carry out experiments as well as basic fly tasks, like collecting virgins.



  • Handle both anesthetized and awake flies.

  • Connect with a variety of modules, including our Fly Dispenser Mk2 and FlyPlate storage system.

  • Run unattended, with measures that detect collisions or other failures.

  • Perform a variety of tasks, such as:

    • Load flies into experimental apparatus.

    • Collect virgin flies.

    • "Flip" flies that are stored in FlyPlate 96 well plates.

  • Easily be extended, through Python scripts, to do whatever you want it to do!

The base price for MAPLE-PRO is $14,500 (request a quote below), and includes:

  • Gantry for rapid X/Y motion (250 mm/s)

  • 3 independent Z axes:

    • Robotic aspirator for picking up and depositing flies

    • Digital camera (2 MP) for basic CV tasks

    • A suction cup small part manipulator

  • Pneumatic assembly for air and vacuum

  • Gridded workspace to easily locate modules

  • Built-in control PC

  • Python scripting API with extensive documentation

  • A 10” touchscreen interface, as well as a web-based GUI


The first version of MAPLE - a Modular Automated Platform for Large-scale Experiments - was designed and developed with the de Bivort Lab at Harvard University. You can read more about the system, its origins, and how we used it to learn about social interactions in Drosophila in our article in eLife.

Did you know that MAPLE is open source? Both the hardware design files and Python software are available on Github!

We want to make sure MAPLE-PRO is a great fit for your lab, so we ask that you request a quote before purchasing:

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Let us know how you plan to use MAPLE-PRO, whether you'll need customization, or anything else you think might be helpful.