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FlySorter, LLC is located to Seattle, WA. 

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News & Updates

FlySorter and Greiner Bio-One Team Up

Dave Zucker

FlySorter is proud to announce that Greiner Bio-One is the exclusive supplier of 96 well plates to FlySorter for the FlyPlate line of individual fly storage solutions.

The FlyPlate system is built around 96 well plates, and while FlySorter has created key innovations (our novel lid design) to make this piece of labware work seamlessly with Drosophila, there was no need to reinvent the plates themselves.

The FlyPlate system is a novel way to store, retrieve and culture flies in 96 well plates. Use it to keep track of individual organisms, perform drug screens, maintain virgin status without sorting, or handle any other task that requires storing flies one at a time.