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FlySorter, LLC is located to Seattle, WA. 

Our mailing address is:
125 NE 63rd St.
Seattle, WA 98115

Please send us a message using the form here or direct email inquiries to:

4900 9th Avenue Northwest
Seattle, WA, 98107
United States

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Dave Zucker

Engineering complex products like FlySorter's Fly Dispenser & Counter requires not just knowledge, experience, and extensive testing, but also the right tools. We rely on our 3D printer and laser cutter for prototyping, but almost all the work starts with computer aided design (CAD) software.

When I first founded FlySorter, we were based in Cambridge, MA in a wonderful co-working group called Industry Lab. This lively space was filled with all stripes of companies and organizations, from a literary magazine to artists to entrepreneurs like myself. We reached out to one of the leading CAD software companies, SolidWorks, and proposed a sponsorship arrangement, as many of the Industry Lab "residents" were still too small to afford the software. Since then, SolidWorks has created an official program to offer CAD software licenses to entrepreneurs and other small businesses, for free.

Now that FlySorter is located in Seattle, I'm glad to announce that we're sponsored by SolidWorks. We're using the 3D design software to create our products, and SolidWorks Composer to create graphics for our website, product manuals and beyond.