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FlySorter, LLC is located to Seattle, WA. 

Our mailing address is:
125 NE 63rd St.
Seattle, WA 98115

Please send us a message using the form here or direct email inquiries to:

4900 9th Avenue Northwest
Seattle, WA, 98107
United States

News & Updates

SBIR Funding Announcement

Dave Zucker

FlySorter is proud to announce that our application for a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant, titled "A high-throughput imaging and classification system for fruit flies," has been fully funded by the Office of Research Infrastructure Projects (ORIP) at the NIH. This award will greatly accelerate completion of our modular robotic system to classify adult Drosophila by sex, eye color, and other phenotypes.

Our existing Fly Dispenser & Counter serves as the first module in the chain, isolating flies one-at-a-time from a vial containing hundreds. Next, our Fly Photobooth will capture high resolution dorsal and ventral images of each fly (see above), and machine learning software will classify the organisms. Finally, a turntable combined with compressed air will guide each fly into the proper vial based on its classification.

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