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Product release: Fly Dispenser Mk2

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Product release: Fly Dispenser Mk2

Dave Zucker

FlySorter is proud to release the latest version of the Fly Dispenser, the cornerstone in automating Drosophila handling and experiments.

The Fly Dispenser Mk2 is a quieter, faster, and more reliable device that gives you one fly at a time, without the use of CO2 anesthesia, at the press of a button.

We built hundreds of prototypes and dispensed tens of thousands of flies in the process of developing a completely new, patent-pending mechanism that uses a gentle vacuum to isolate individual, adult Drosophila from a vial of hundreds. The device is easy to use and maintain, and can be integrated into your own automated system using a USB cable and simple command set.

The Fly Dispenser Mk2 is available for sale now in our online shop. You can also email us for a quotation, and we can accept purchase orders from your research institution, as well.